Monday, February 7, 2011

Manda Monday--Snowpocalypse!

You may not have heard, but a huge blizzard hit the Midwest last week.  There was hardly any news coverage, so don't feel bad if this is the first you are hearing about it.  lolz!

Martha posts snow scenes on her blog all the time, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share our Snowpocalypse experience with you. 

Fortunately, we had adequate warning of the impending snowstorm, so the Little Guy and I got ready by baking Martha's pumpkin doughnut muffins and chocolate chip cookies.

This is the stair landing window on Tuesday night...

...and this is what is looked like the next morning.  That's not frost; that's snow that got blown through the screen and is now stuck on the window. 

Our front walkway was blocked by a three foot snow drift. 

Here's the snow shovel against the drift for perspective.

Fortunately, the Little Guy helped me shovel.  And by that, I mean that he only put half of the snow I removed back on the sidewalk.  Good times!

The devastating wind is responsible for the 3-4' snowdrifts around the house.  Here's the one right outside the back door:

Remember the fence we had installed last summer?  If you recall, the back section is three feet tall. Look at how high the snow is!

The wind blew with such force that we had an astonishing amount of snow IN THE GARAGE!  Crazy!

Finally, here's our driveway:

I'm guessing that there was a solid 18-20" of snow on the driveway.  The snow blower made quick work of it, but it was still incredible to see that much snow dumped on us in only a few hours. 

I hope everyone stayed warm and safe during Snowpocalypse 2011!  Be careful out there!

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