Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Souper Bowl

I'm pleased to say that our Super Souper Bowl party went off without a hitch, and everyone had a great time.  We provided the appetizers, desserts and drinks. 

Have you seen a larger collection of football-themed dishes?  I think not!

Here are those cupcakes I was telling you about on facebook.  They're inspired by Bakerella's cupcakes, but my decoration is made entirely of buttercream. 

Here are the competitors for the Super Souper Bowl.  Each soup was in a crockpot on our kitchen island plugged into a power strip, which worked out well.  Bowls and spoons were on the island, too; condiments such as cheese, sour cream and crackers were on a different countertop.

We had four entries:  cream of chicken mushroom, taco soup, vegetarian chili, and bacon chipotle chili with pork shoulder.  Each one was delicious!

After tasting each soup, guests were encouraged to vote for their favorite.

I'll post the winner tomorrow.  This whole concept and party was a ton of fun.  And completely brilliant, if I do say so myself!  Think about it:  PEOPLE DID THE COOKING FOR ME!  And they brought it to my house!  And it was awesome!

I'm thinking of having a party like this every weekend--a pot roast competition, a grill-off competition, etc.--so people will bring their best dishes to my house on a regular basis.  I'm more than happy to make a trophy to encourage competitors.  Anyone interested?

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