Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Keeping my resolutions

For 2011, I made only one resolution:  to bake all cakes and bread from scratch.  Now for cakes, this resolution is not a stretch.  You all know I bake cakes from scratch all the time.  Bread, on the other hand, is a totally different story.  I had no positive yeast experience, and all of my bread (minus the occasional banana bread that requires no yeast) came from the store.

Obviously, I had my work cut out for me.  I do have an old bread machine, so I gave it a whirl. 

I followed the directions in the instruction manual for plain white bread.

I was really excited about this new endeavor, until the machine beeped and I found this inside.  WTF?!

As it turns out, the yeast had expired and didn't have the necessary rising effect on the dough.  This probably explains the weird conehead shape. 

With a little butter the bread tasted okay, but I clearly have my work cut out for me.


frugalsuz said...

I just had to laugh at the goofy looking bread. I love my bread machine but it does crazy things like that sometimes too, even when my yeast is perfectly good! Hope your next loaf turns out prettier. :)

Amanda said...

Hi Suz! I was so mad when this thing came out of the breadmaker--it just looked so weird! They get better, I promise!

Cori said...

I have had the best luck with the White Bread recipe out of my Betty Crocker cook book! I bake a few loaves at least once a month now. I don't have a bread machine, so I just let mine rise in the oven after turning it on for a few minutes and then off again, or by placing a big pot of boiled water in the bottom of the oven to keep it nice and warm in there!

I'm loving your blog! :-)