Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monogrammed cookies

BabyGirl is turning one, so I wanted to have some really cute cookies for her parties.  The Big Guy, Little Guy and I all worked on the cookies. The Big Guy made the dough, while the Little Guy helped cut out the shapes. 

The cookies  are rolled sugar cookies, which seems easy enough, but the making and decorating process takes days.  I was really pleased with the finished products, though.  BabyGirl had some great monogrammed cookies, flowers and pretty frosted designs for her first birthday.

The best part is, these cookies taste as good as they look.  Yum!


Anonymous said...

these are just beautiful. I am embarrassed for my Valentine's Day cookies, which simply don't compare. L

Amanda said...

thanks! the end result is always gorgeous but they do take a long time to make, which is why this is not my go-to everyday cookie. you'll have some on saturday!