Monday, February 28, 2011

Martha Monday--Slow cooker favorites

February was a busy month for me and while it held some fun times, like Little Miss's first birthday, I am glad to show February the door.  There was just too much going on in only four short weeks and I hope that March brings some calmer times. 

One thing I really appreciate when the daily routine becomes so hectic it's almost unbearable is my crock pot.  I really, really love that thing!  How awesome is it that I can throw ingredients in the pot in the morning, leave it alone for 8-10 hours, and at the end of the day a meal is completely ready?  Amazing!

As handy-dandy as it is, I do need to use my crock pot even more. Martha has a great list of slow cooker recipes, including this delicious pot roast

This winter I started using the crock pot for BBQ pork and chicken sandwiches.  My method is to just throw frozen meat in there, cover it with BBQ sauce and add a little water, but Martha has a slightly more complicated recipe here.  Check it out:

   I get the most mileage out of my crock pot with chilis and soups.  Here's Jimmy Fallon's Crock-Pot Chili

For all the pot roasts, soups, stews, chili and BBQ I make in my crock pot, I have yet to tackle making a dessert in there.  But that is about to change...take a look at these amazing slow-cooker triple chocolate brownies

Yum! I'll be trying these soon.

What do you make in your crock pot?


Anonymous said...

I do an amazing and easy cobbler in it. A can cherry pie filling, a can crushed pineapple, mix together then put a yellow cake mix on top of it. Then ad 2tbs melted butter and cook on low 4 to 6 hrs. Yummy

Amanda said...

That sounds so delicious! What a great idea. :)