Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

To celebrate Valentine's Day, which is mostly only fun if you are a kid, the Little Guy and My Big Martha spent several days working on Valentines for friends and cousins.  First, my Little Guy had to learn how to use scissors.  Note the Spiderman costume--I guess it's easier to get into the Valentine's Day mindset if you have Halloween as a frame of reference.  Or something like that. 

He cut out a bunch of hearts, and then glued store-bought Valentine's cards to them.  That was the first phase of Operation: Valentine's Day

Phase 2 was to make Martha Stewart's Heart-and-Lollipop Flowers.  The Little Guy needed a lot more help from My Big Martha for this project since he was new to the scissor thing, but that's what Grandmas are for.

My Big Martha did a slightly different take on the project, but the end result was the same: adorable lollipop Valentines that the Little Guy was just so proud of! 

The Little Guy left his mark on them by adding the Transformer stickers.  Because nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a crazy car that turns into a robot that may or may not want to destroy the human race.  Isn't love grand?

This year, I got into the Valentine's Day spirit myself.  Using my school pictures, I made some Valentines for a few teachers I pal around with.  Please note: I only have these school pictures of myself because they made me take them for the yearbook, I swear! 

This particular card is for the art teacher.

OUTSIDE:  I made this card especially for you...

INSIDE:  ...while I was in the bathroom.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Isn't that classy? 

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!  May all of your cards be of the Little Guy variety, and not mine. :)

Disclaimer:  I am not a teacher, so no students were scarred for life by my wacky sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

I think that was a great use of school pictures. I never know what to do with Tom's. He would put them straight in the trash if I let him. -L

teryn j. said...

I'm always impressed with the Little Guy--I mean Spiderman!--but I was also quite impressed by Martha's project. It looks cool and actually doable. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks, ladies! Payton's stuff turned out really well and mine, well, let's just say that they were fairly well-received. ;)