Friday, February 4, 2011

Trophy time

On Sunday we'll have our Super Souper Bowl Party, guests will bring the best soup, stew or chili, and everyone will vote on their favorite.  But what will the winner get?  Sure, the satisfaction of winning and the smack talk that goes along with it is great, but the jewel of any competition is the winner's trophy. 

So I decided to make one.

I got the trophy materials at my nearest Salvation Army.  The candle base cost $0.45 and the glass bowl was $1.95.  Not bad! 

I glued the base to the bowl....

...and then spray painted the heck out of it. 

Originally I was going to attach some spoons to the scroll work, but now I think the trophy is fine without them.  It does need a few more details, but I'll finish it up over the weekend. Isn't it fun?

I like this trophy so much, I might have to make a soup and enter the contest myself.