Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Queen of the Crockpot

Even though we had four amazing soups/chilis at our Super Souper Bowl, there could be only one winner.  And that Titan of the Tureen was Michelle who made a version of Paula Deen's taco soup. Yum!  Even the super-picky Big Guy loved it, so taco soup will be making another appearance in my kitchen very soon.

Not only does Michelle have bragging rights for the next year and something really impressive to put on her resume, but she is also now the proud owner of the "Super Souper Bowl" Champion trophy. 

Put that thing on the mantle, Michelle!

While I didn't compete in the Super Souper, I did have a winning appetizer recipe.  I made pizza dip and served it with Ritz crackers.  It was really good and gone within minutes.  Seriously, I'm not sure the dip even lasted through kick-off.  You can find the full recipe and directions here, but I kept it simple by including only the cream cheese, sour cream, oregano, pizza sauce and cheese. 

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