Friday, December 31, 2010


As I have done for the past twenty years or so, I'm making my new year's resolutions.  We all make them, don't we?  We vow to get organize, lose weight, learn to snorkel, be a better person and more.  These promises we make to ourselves are done with the best of intentions, but rarely do they account for real-life circumstances.  Work, kids, stubbornness, lack of time...these things and more all get in the way of sticking to our resolutions.  Then, sometime around January 5, we go back to being our slovenly selves. 

At least, I sure do.

But this year is different!

This year, I'm making only one resolution.  It is incredibly specific and will definitely make me more like my idol Martha Stewart. Ready?  Here they are...

In 2011, I will bake all CAKES and BREAD from scratch. 

No mixes, no store-bought loaves, nothing.  Of course, I still have a few cake mixes and one loaf of store-bought bread in the pantry, but after those are gone, THAT'S IT!!!  Making cakes from scratch shouldn't be a problem--I've done it many times before and I actually prefer to do it that way because it produces a much better cake.  Baking bread from scratch will be the challenge...I've never done it before, despite having a bread maker in the basement.  Time to haul that puppy up to the kitchen, dust it off, and figure out if it still works.  If it does...fresh bread for everyone!

I'll be sure to check in with you on January 5 to let you know how this grand experiment is going.  In the meantime, have a fun, happy, healthy and safe new year!  Happy 2011!

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