Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas-time birthday

I feel bad for people who have their birthday near Christmas, because it always seems like their big day is overshadowed by THE big day.  This came up at my work: my Secret Santa recipient has a birthday not ten days before Christmas.  And this year, her birthday was also the day of the office Christmas party. 

Clearly, something had to be done so the birthday didn't get lost in the Christmas commotion! 

To save the day in my own little Martha-dom, I made a birthday cake for my Secret Santa giftee, and a Christmas dessert for everyone else.  Everyone wins!

The cake is a double layer chocolate sheet cake with my usual buttercream frosting.  The light bulb chocolates are made from a Wilton candy mold.  I dusted a small amount of red, blue, gold and silver edible glitter on top.  I piped green frosting around the cake to look like a cord, and then "plugged in" the chocolate lights.  Fun!

To make sure I had enough dessert for 50 people, I also made a batch of cupcakes.  These are vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.  Each cupcake also got a chocolate light bulb.

People were impressed with the display and I think the birthday girl really enjoyed the fuss.  Happy birthday to Samantha, and a special shout-out to everyone at ACC!


frugalsuz said...

How cute! I'm sure you made her birthday really memorable.

Shari Sunday said...

What a great cake!

Anonymous said...

I believe this is your finest work yet! Your lettering is beautiful, the idea is clever, and those chocolate bulbs are incredibly lifelike! Great job!

I also concur that people born around Christmas get the shaft. Tom and his mom more than me. We always make a point to recognize the birthdays.