Monday, December 27, 2010

Manda Monday--After Christmas sales

In the December issue of Living, Martha's calendar denotes December 3 as the day to stock up on gift-wrapping supplies. 

This is totally, absolutely, positively wrong. 

Don't stock up on your wrapping supplies weeks before Christmas when everything is still full price; instead, buy your supplies immediately after Christmas to take advantage of sales.  Buy gift wrap, bows, ribbons and more at 70-90% off, and get everything you need for next Christmas on the cheap.

In other words, TODAY is the day to restock your gift-wrapping supplies.

This has been my way of doing things for years. In fact, I so love buying gift wrap after Christmas, and could get it for so cheap, that for many years BOTH of these wrapping paper bins were full.

Three years ago, I had over forty rolls of paper.  That's a bit much, even for a gift wrap fanatic like me, so I stopped hitting the after Christmas sales.  Well, at least, I stopped buying the discounted wrapping paper.  Now, I'm down to 22 rolls of gift wrap.

Yes, I know there are 24 rolls in the bin, but two of them are basket wrap, and I don't count that as wrapping paper. 

I did the same thing with bows: I bought bags and bags of bows at 90% off, and now I have an entire storage tote dedicated to bows. 

And do you know what the crazy thing is?  I'm more of a ribbon person, so I hardly ever use bows.

My supply of tissue paper is adequate, so if I see some really cute patterns then I will snatch them up.  I have plenty of the Scotch pop-up tape refills, so I'm good there.  And I have a few rolls of ribbon left over from years past.  Normally, this amount of ribbon would be too little for me, but I'm going to avoid buying more so that I can start using up all those bows next year!

Before you put your Christmas gift wrapping supplies away, take a good look at what you have and what you need. Then, with a list in hand, hit some of the after Christmas sales for super cheap supplies. 

Trust me on this one: save money by stocking up on supplies now, and you'll be ready to wrap for next Christmas.  Happy shopping!

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