Friday, March 20, 2009

Special touches for the guest room

We're expecting an overnight guest. The bed is made, the curtains are hung and the furniture is relatively dust-free, but we're not done yet. It's time to go over the little things that make a guest's stay go smoothly.

First up, guest towels are at the ready. No need to scramble at the last minute at the TMI Bed and Breakfast: three sets of fresh guest towels are in the linen closet. And the Mr. Bubbles. Just in case. I like to be pro-active on things like that.

Necessary in the guest room: Kleenex and an alarm clock. The less a guest has to ask for, the better. Also, there's a nightlight in the hallway so guests can make their way to the bathroom without running into a wall.

Hangers are in the closet for any clothes that need to be hung. This is especially important if your guests are in town on business. It seems like such a small detail, but I think people appreciate the option, and the effort of clearing out a bit of closet space just for them.

A small selection of reading material is available. I once had an overnight guest who had insomnia. They spent several hours reading before sleep, and later told me that they were really glad I had books in the guest room. True story!

This last touch is all Martha. She recommends keeping stationary in the guest room in case they are so moved to write a letter to the folks back home. I guess people who stay with Martha are moved to write lengthy and enthusiastic prose describing their stay at her home. Or, she confiscates cell phone and other electronic devices when people arrive, and this is the only means of communication.

To all of my future guests: I promise I won't take away your cell phone as long as you promise to write a letter telling your friends back home that you stayed with a woman in Aurora, Illinois who is just like Martha Stewart. Welcome!


Chicagolandia said...

I love that last, finishing touch with the reading material and the adorable stationary box.

I just love how organized and thoughtful you are.

Amanda said...

You are so sweet! The "stationary for guests" thing is all Martha, though. She thinks of everything!

Anonymous said...

I dunno, maybe Martha uses the stationary gimmick to reenact "Misery"- she makes her guests write a novel and breaks their legs until they come up with new decorating ideas to go in her magazine! "I'm your number one fan, Martha! I promise!" - (Just kidding- your room is very hospitable and makes me want to take a bubble bath!) L

Amanda said...

Do you suppose that's how Martha gets her ideas? OMG! I never thought of that. However, if it were true, it still wouldn't deter me from staying at her house. How twisted is that?

Recent Guest said...

As the guest of honor at the home in question I found the accomodations to be most delightful.

I particularly enjoyed two things:

1. Warm Sheets. I live in FL where the average temp now is 80 and when I arrived in IL the temp was in the 30's. The sheets were down and warm and keep me snug. Much appreciated.

2. Fragrances. There appeared to be some sort of fragrances in the guest room which smelled nice after a long day or being out and about.

Thanks so much :)