Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easter Decorations

Easter is just a few weeks away, so the decorations are coming out. For nearly every season/holiday, I have something on the front door.

It says Welcome. I need to put a note underneath that says "Unless you are selling something." Those kids with the overpriced candy really need to stop ringing my doorbell.

Gracing the entryway are the Easter egg lights. Little Guy is fascinated with these. Truth be told, so am I. Hello! They're eggs...that LIGHT UP! Awesome!

Little guy will only be 17 months old for Easter, but I'm hoping he'll get into the egg hunt. These are the practice plastic eggs. So far, he's mastered throwing them on the ground.

While unpacking the Easter decorations, I found a bunch of candles I bought ages ago. Nine years later, I still haven't burned them. Why not? you ask. I ask you, Could you burn this?

Just look at this cute bunny. How can I light him on fire?

And this duck. He's practically begging for his life. Just look at that pleading expression!

And the bluebird of happiness? That's just not something you want to set on fire. It could lead to severe unhappiness, for you and the bird. So unless you gave up happiness for Lent, I wouldn't recommend burning the bluebird candle.

These egg-shaped candles are the only ones I am okay with burning. Well, mostly okay. Maybe I'll wait until next year to burn these. Just in case.


Chicagolandia said...

I adore those lights! Where did you find them?

Amanda said...

JoAnn Fabrics, maybe? I've had them for many, many years now, so it's hard to remember. The really good thing is that the eggs are more of a paper mache type feel, rather than plastic.

Amanda said...

My bad! I checked the package, and the Easter egg lights are from Target. :)

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hehehe *no way* I would burn those candles! The bluebird would definitely be a happiness jinx -- it would take a heart of stone to melt something that cute. I've always been the same with decorative soaps too... how the heck could anybody actually use them when they're just so pretty??