Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home Improvement: Curtains

Even with all of our preparation for guests, the guest room was missing something. A big something. Curtains.

We've had two overnight guests since we moved in last fall, and both of them suffered through their stay in a curtain-less guest room. However, Mom and Laura were good sports and didn't complain. Plus, they were only here for one night each. Now, our incoming guest will be here for 4 nights, and that's too long of a stay to go curtain-less. Something had to be done.

Sheers go up first.

The Little Guy helps out. By playing with a tin of drink coasters. Naturally.

Now, for actual curtains.

At this point, I must tell you to ignore both the paint color (it was like that when we moved in) and the particular choice of curtains (I just used what we had on hand). The curtains don't match the decor very well, and the sheers and curtains are different lengths, but they get the job done.

Guest room: complete! Well, almost. Tune in tomorrow for those special touches that will make a guest feel extra welcome.

But not too welcome. Like, stay-for-an-indefinite-period-of-time-even-though-they-said-they-would-only-be-here-for-four-days-and-why-do-they-keep-eating-all-of-my-favorite-cereal-you'd-better-tell-your-friend-that-his-welcome-has-officially-worn-out-welcome.
There's a fine line there. Naturally.

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Chicagolandia said...

I never knew how important curtains and blinds were until I moved into a house with 19 windows and only 2 of them had any kind of covering! I was so excited to get blinds up, then when I finally got cafe-style curtains up in my kitchen, it made all the difference.