Monday, March 9, 2009

Martha Monday!

Martha Stewart is on Twitter. You can check out her tweets and sign up to follow her here. She has 72,768 followers. Amazing. Martha started tweeting on February 21, and averages 3 tweets a day. Three tweets a day! I don't even have time to brush my teeth three times a day, let alone update the world on my goings-on. How does she do it?

And before anyone suggests that she has a member of her staff tweet for her, let me tell you that she does all of her tweets herself. She tweeted to her followers that she was thinking of relaying her tweets to a staff member to tweet for her, but that was met with resounding disapproval from all 30,000+ followers (yes, her following doubled in five days time), so Martha is tweeting for herself.

I started tweeting on March 3 and have 11 updates so far. Three followers, one of which is a company that picked up on the word "cleaning" in one of my tweets. You can read my tweets and sign up to follow me here.
I'm managing to do two Tweets each day. So far, nearly all of them comment on my lack of sleep, lack of housecleaning, plans to get more sleep, and plans to clean the house. And I can assure you that I do all of my tweets myself. Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Sarah Eliza said...

I'm so psyched you're on Twitter! It is really funny the odd companies/people that pick up on key words and find you... for some weird reason a mulch company is following me. I didn't return the compliment however :P

Looking forward to your tweets!