Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beyond the cheese

Yesterday, my post focused on the glorious cheese I scored Wednesday morning at Jewel thanks to the Kraft catalina deal going on. I ended up doing two more transactions that evening (no pictures), one last night (no pictures), and today...the Catalina roll of all Catalina rolls...nine whopping transactions at Jewel.


This is just the cheese portion of today's trip. 36 packs of cheese, and don't worry, I didn't clear the shelves. There was a ton more left, and while my closest Jewel was crowded, it seemed that no one was working on the Kraft deal. In fact, this Jewel had coupons out in front of the Wheat Thins and Triscuits (and peelies on the Wheat Thins), and no one even bothered.

Since Wednesday morning, I've branched out, doing each deal with half cheese and half other Kraft products. This meant that all kinds of treats, crackers and condiments were mine. MINE!

With my nine transactions today, I spent only $12.53 out of pocket with a savings of $236.50.

Overall, in 15 transactions, I've spent almost $30 out of pocket with a savings of nearly $300. It comes out to less than $0.30 an item. Here's what I've gotten:

65 bricks/bags of Kraft cheese
17 bags of Planters Trail Mix
4 containers of Oscar Mayer Deli meat
4 boxes South Beach Cereal Bars
4 Kraft salad dressing
3 boxes of Teddy Grahams (honey flavor--yum!)
2 containers Miracle Whip
2 containers of Kraft Mayo
And the best part is....I still have $13 in catalinas to keep rolling. Happy Saturday!

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