Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Guest Room

Martha loves to entertain, and puts a lot of emphasis on guest comfort. I imagine that staying at Martha's house is like staying at the best bed-and-breakfast in the world. We have company coming this weekend, so I was eager to make sure our guest room was ready. Martha-style.

Just like the front door, I keep a wreath on the guest room door. I think it's welcoming.

I am very fortunate that, except for a few months in 2008, I've always had a dedicated guest space. Whether it's a fold out couch or an actual room, I like to be ready for unexpected guests.

Now, the guest room doubles as an unfinished project room. For example, this table was my grandmother's. I have big plans to refinish it. See that quilting set on the top? Still in the original packaging? Yep. I have big plans to take up quilting.

The church under the table is actually a birdhouse. In the event I ever have houseguests who bring along a pet bird, I'll be ready for them, too. Super dedicated guest space!

Here's the vanity: this bedroom set belonged to my great-grandmother, which explains why the set is so great and grand. The vanity is beautiful.
Tomorrow: the bed. Perhaps the most important part of the guest experience.
Thursday: but is the guest room really ready? What's missing?
Friday: must-haves and special touches in the TMI guest room.


Chicagolandia said...

The vanity is exquisite! I love antique furniture - my favorite piece in my home - my grandmother's sewing table. It's old, elegant, and ornate.

Helen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just started reading yours (and subscribed) and am happy to see you take a look at mine :)

Helen said...

Actually, our church does a 24 hour shift at Hesed House out by you once a quarter. But we have PB, granola bars and now Capri Sun all FREE that we will do on our own. We may head out to your area or downtown Chicago to do it.