Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My garden plans for 2011

Last year, I worked up a set of garden plans and I had every intention of turning those plans into reality last year. It didn't happen.

It is, however, happening this year.  For reals, yo.

In fact, here are the plans:

This shows just the backyard, which is where all the fruit trees and vegetable are going to be planted.  We'll make a gardening area around most of the perimeter (next to the fence) 18" wide on the sides and 24" wide in the back.  If my math is correct, and it's probably not, this gives me 42 square feet of gardening space. 

I was so excited about this garden that I jumped the gun and bought seedlings in the beginning of May.  They're doing quite nicely on my kitchen counter (check out those tomato plants!) but I know they really want to be outside.  Soon, my darlings, soon!

Already, cucumbers are beginning to appear.

For this year's garden, I bought 10 tomato plants (varieties include Roma, beefsteak and cherry), 3 pepper plants, 2 cucumbers and 1 zucchini. Then I got really crazy and picked up a watermelon and cantaloupe seedling. I'm not sure how well those will do in my garden, but I'm willing to give it a shot. If they do well this year, then I'll bring them back next year.  In addition to the seedlings, I bought a packet of pole beans, as well as some bamboo stakes to make bean teepees. And bonus! I got 8 pumpkin seedlings from Aunt KB (hi, KB!) which will go in the back and the front of the house.

It's not too early to plan for Halloween, right?

And even though these aren't yet in the ground, I'm already planning for next year's garden.  I'd like to include strawberries, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, greens and squash.  I might even try my hand at potatoes. 

First things first, though:  I have to get these plants into the ground!

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