Monday, May 23, 2011

Martha Monday--Gardening

As I've mentioned before, the way I most want to be like Martha (and the way in which I fall short the most) is in gardening. Martha has amazing vegetable, herb and flower gardens (and her orchards!) and I have always wanted that for my home. 

Seriously, though, who looks like that when they garden?  I am a sticky, dirty, sweaty mess when I'm doing yard work.  Oh wait, Martha has a staff who takes care of her gardens for her.  My bad, I forgot!

Here's Martha's vegetable garden at her home in New York:

Obviously, my home doesn't sit on hundreds of acres of land, nor do I have the energy and time to build and maintain a garden of this size, so my vegetable garden will be much smaller and easier to manage.  And I'm proud to report that for all my years of planning and dreaming about my own vegetable garden, this year it's finally happening! 

The past few weeks, and especially this past weekend, the work on my dream garden has begun.  I'll share pictures and information with you in the coming days.  For all of us wanting to garden on a large or small scale, there are plenty of tips and tricks found on Martha's website in the Home & Garden section.  

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