Friday, May 6, 2011

Gifts for grandmas

This year, I'm having the Little Guy make Mother's Day gifts for the three grandmothers.  If this goes well, I hope to have him, and eventually Little Miss, make all family gifts for birthdays, holidays and special occasions throughout the year.  And when our family and friends are thrilled with their gifts from the kiddos, we'll open our own TMI Etsy shop and craft our way to two fully paid college educations, all before they reach middle school.

The Little Guy is painting clay pots, which we will fill with potted Gerbera daisies from Lowe's.  I wish I had thought of this project in February, then we could have grown herbs from seed rather than buying blooms at the store.  Oh well, there's always next year for that.

As far as painting projects for three-year-olds go, this went really well. The Little Guy was focused and there wasn't much mess. 

Little Miss looked rather bored and bummed to be left out of the craft project, so I gave her a purple crayon and a piece of paper so she could create her own Mother's Day masterpiece. 

Then, I left the room for one minute (it's not often I get to use the restroom without an audience, and I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass by!) and you can guess what happened:  Little Miss tossed the paper on the floor and proceeded to color her high chair tray.

When she got tired of coloring her high chair tray, she simply chewed on the crayon until she had purple teeth.   

It may be a while before that TMI Etsy store is up and running.  Happy Mother's Day!

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