Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shade tree

As part of the Deluxe Gardening Package, we got our choice of a shade tree (locust, maple or Bradford pear) and installation.  Since I hate Bradford pears and I'm allergic to maple trees, the locust was the obvious choice.  We put it in a corner of the backyard.  The tree was donated to the event from Collegiate Landscape

Here are some photos from the installation:

I am really thrilled that the tree is so big to begin with--it must be 12' tall!  The landscapers had it delivered and installed in no time. And bonus: they mulched it. 

After the installation, I had the Little Guy and Little Miss pose by the tree.  My plan is to take this same picture once or twice a year for our family records to document how much the kids and the tree are growing.

Of course, with this much cuteness, I might be taking this picture every week. 


Anonymous said...

that last picture is seriously cute! SJ is getting so big! L

Amanda said...

I KNOW! And she already has serious attitude to go with all that cuteness. we are in trouble here! xoxo

frugalsuz said...

Oh my gosh, the smiles! I can't get over how cute your little ones are.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Suz! I am fortunate to have (mostly) happy kids. :)