Friday, May 20, 2011

Cute baby shower favors

Some people hate the idea of giving, or getting, favors at baby and wedding showers.  And sometimes, I agree with this crowd.  After all, who needs another plastic trinket that will only collect dust? 

But, done correctly, I think favors can be a sweet and thoughtful touch at the end of the event.  Favors don't have to be complicated or expensive (nor should they be) to impress the guests or the guest of honor.  Something simple that fits within the theme of the shower will work just fine.

For example:  for the sock monkey shower, we filled 6oz. baby food jars with candy that fit the theme of the event.

As you can see, we had pink, yellow and brown jelly beans to fit with our shower decor colors, candy pacifiers and bananas to match the sock monkey theme.  The jars were decorated with fun pink/yellow/brown/beige patterned papers.  They were a real hit with the shower guests!

The hostess of the Alphabet Soup baby shower also used 6oz. baby food jars for the favors.  They were filled with (what else?!) pastel M&M candies.  Pastel colors because it was a gender-neutral shower, and the M&Ms to go along with the alphabet theme. 

She alternated pink and blue ribbon around the jars; again, this was a nod of respect to the couple's decision to be surprised by the sex of the baby.  As with the sock monkey shower, the favors were a huge hit. After all, who doesn't want a cute jar of candy to take home?

Seriously, if you find someone who does NOT want to take a small jar of candy home from a baby shower, please let me know.  I will start them on sugar therapy immediately.

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