Monday, April 26, 2010

Martha Monday--What I covet

Martha has a lot of things that I would like to have: talent, money, fame.  But beyond that, there is one thing she has that I really, really espalier orchard.  Espalier is a gardening technique by which fruit trees are trained to grow along walls or a wire/wood framework.  Rather than bushing out, the trees are quite flat and manageable, making the fruit more abundant (it gets more sunlight this way) and easier to harvest (trees grow out instead of up, making fruit easier to pick). 

Martha first detailed this technique in her blog here, and again here.  Below is a picture of her espalier apple orchard at her Bedford farm.

Recently, she got another espalier orchard with a different variety of apple.  The trees were bought already with the espalier form.  Isn't that amazing?

One day, I'd like an espalier orchard of apples, pears and peaches in my backyard.  I'll have to speak with my gardener about that. 

NOTE: pictures are from Martha's blog. Follow the links to see more. :)

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