Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Our house backs up to a county wetlands preserve.  This is what it normally looks like this time of year:

Sadly, the area recently burned.  Even worse, we missed all the excitement...the Little Guy just loves fire trucks.  He's two, obviously.

It's somewhat difficult to tell from the pictures, but a large section of the preserve was burned.  Apparently, the fire department from Aurora and Sugar Grove both responded--it was that out of control. 

As you can see from the above picture, the fire even jumped the creek and headed towards the other half of our subdivision on the other side of the preserve.  One word on the street is that this was a controlled burn, that quickly got out of control due to higher-than-expected winds.  Other neighbors are saying it was an accident, or maybe someone tossed a cigarette into the brush.  Who knows?

A few fences were even cinged.  Yikes!  Truthfully, this is too much excitement for my taste.  Fortunately, no people or homes were hurt in the blaze, and the fences will live.
Already, ten days after the blaze, things are starting to grow back.  Below, you can see tiny patches of green in the burned area. 
I'm hoping the wetland brush grows back even greener and lusher than before. 

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