Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garbage bag storage--a good thing

With two kids in diapers/training pants, we go through a lot of wipes in the TMI household.  Which means we empty a wipe container or two every week. 

Fortunately, I've starting putting those plastic containers to work for me. 

We use regular plastic grocery bags to line the small trash cans in our house, of which there are nine.  To corral the seemingly-endless supply of plastic bags, and to make sure we always have liners on hand when we need them, I use the empty wipe containers to box the plastic bags. 

I keep a container in the car as well, which is helpful when I need to clean out the car or simply put the bottom half of one of my kids in a plastic bag.  Yes, we have moments like that here.

Plastic bag reuse and organization--it's a good thing!

NOTE TO EVERYONE:  I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart has copyrighted the "It's a Good Thing" phrase, so that's all hers. Just an FYI.

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