Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Halloween

I love decorating for Halloween. Last year was our first true Halloween in this house, and I put a few decorations out (see here and here). This year, I wanted to do more.

The Big and Little Guys helped with decorate the outside of the house with lights, lanterns and skeletons.

Then we put up the bats in the belfry.

To jazz up the inside of the house, I put out my Halloween village. My friend Shannon (shout out!) started me on this several years ago with a few pieces for my birthday and the collection has grown considerably.

So much so that I only had room to put out a few pieces. Here's the one normal house in my Halloween Village:

Too bad it's right next door to a creepy funeral parlor run by a vampire. That can't be good for property values.

Finally, I hung my Will Moses' "Girls Night Out" picture in the foyer. I love, love, love this painting.

Here's a close-up of the action:

This painting sums up the fun of Halloween for me. Happy haunting!

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