Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sprinkles and stars

This is part of my Little Guy's birthday cake. It had grass and a road, but not much else. I decided to jazz up the green meadow with some sprinkles. I was hoping they would look like flowers, since it was the day of the party and I had no time to pipe on actual frosting flowers.

I got out my Easter egg sprinkles.

Unfortunately, with all the green color in them, they blended in too much with the green grass frosting. So I moved on to Valentine's Day...

Those looked good enough in the grass, but by then I was enjoying the act of sprinkling way too much...and I reached for my Fourth of July sprinkles.

Here's what they looked like on the cake:

I overheard some party guests telling the Little Guy, "Look, your mommy put on hearts and stars because she loves you and thinks you are a star!" Which is true, but let's be honest...hasty decision are made when it's only hours before the party and mommy is still in her pajamas. The sprinkles had to stand in as flowers. But you are a star, sweetie! And mommy loves you!

Next, it was time to choose a star for the cake. Originally, I had planned to put this huge bulldozer on one of the cake levels, but he was huge. There wouldn't be room for much else in the scene.

I poked around the Little Guy's truck collection, and found something much smaller and more suitable for the cake.

And much more charming, to be quite honest.

This little Tonka cement mixer and his friends are quite the cast of characters, and the perfect size for the cakescape.

I think they're up for the challenge, don't you?

Tomorrow, tune in for pictures of the finished cake. I'm no professional, but I think it turned out pretty well!

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frugalsuz said...

I can't wait to see how it all turned out!