Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monogrammed pumpkins

I saw this idea in a Martha Stewart Halloween book/article/web piece years ago: monogrammed pumpkins.  The letters are etched out, rather than carved, so the light shines through the thin pieces.  It's a really nice and classy effect.

To etch a letter, start with a large copy of a single letter. I had to blow up some fonts to size 500 or larger.

Imprint the letter onto the pumpkin by poking holes around the letter edges with a small skewer, poker or toothpick.  I used the poker that came with a Pumpkin Masters kit.

Start digging into the rind with your tool (mine is another Pumpkin Masters tool) but don't go all the way through the rind.  For the first two pumpkins I made, I thinned out the rind and then etched my letter.  This was the backwards way to go, as I etched too far into the pumpkin and tore through the rind.

Instead, scoop the goop out of the pumpkin, then etch, then thin out the rind.  When I started using this process, I got much better results.

I made a monogrammed pumpkin for every member of our household this year, with the fonts matching personalities. Take a look:

The "R" is Copperplate Gothic Light.  The "P" is Lucida Handwriting.  You can see where I broke through the rind before I changed my technique.

The "A" is Monotype Corsiva. The "S" is Harrington, and the "B" is Engravers MT. I made these the proper way: scoop first, then etch, then thin.  The rind is paper thin.  I have a tear or two, but no big holes.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out.  So pleased, I almost wish I had done this on fake pumpkins so I'd have them for years to come.  Come to think of it, I might get some of those fake pumpkins on Halloween clearance if the opportunity presents itself so I can do just that. 

I just love Halloween.


evonne said...

Awwww, I love that B got his own pumpkin. :)

Anonymous said...

Design*Sponge had the same theme today! Check it out. I love the letters you made. Especially the S. I'm not carving this year. NOt in the mood.L