Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cake construction

The first of the Little Guy's 3rd birthday parties (there will be three in all) was this past weekend. Being as he is into cars, construction vehicles and all things that go, I decided to make him a construction-themed cake. I had no picture for inspiration, so I just used my imagination.

Here's a few pictures of the cake construction:

I used Wilton's Cakes-n-More 3 Tier Stand. I put waxed paper sheets underneath each cake so I wouldn't get frosting on the stand. When the layers were completely done, I simply slid the waxed paper out and touched up the cake a bit where I had to secure it with a spatula to keep it from moving with the paper. This kept the serving plate frosting-free.

The cake layers were done in green buttercream icing with a (mild) chocolate buttercream road. I used the grass tip to make grass. I think it looks like a Chia cake. Chi- chi- chi-a!

See the sprinkles in the grass? I'll have more on those tomorrow. I piped white shells along the bottom of each layer to help hide imperfections. And believe me, there were plenty. I don't think I could ice a cakeside completely smooth if Martha herself were coaching me on it!

To connect the road from one layer to another, I made a bridges of cookies. They are Pepperidge Farm's Pirouette cookies in hazelnut, to be exact. Yum!

I'll have more on the sprinkle saga and the stars of the cake tomorrow.

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