Monday, October 18, 2010

Martha Monday--Bats in my belfry


This is a fun Halloween decoration/craft that I found several years ago on Martha Stewart's website. I simply printed off a template of bat shapes, cut them out, traced around them on foam sheets found at the craft store, and cut out the bats.

When I first made these, I hung them on fishing wire and suspended them from a stairwell for a Halloween party. The foam let the wings lilt a bit, giving the illusion of real flight. It was awesome!

This Halloween, I thought I'd use them for fun bat silhouettes in the front window. Cutting the silhouettes out of black cardstock would work just as well for this purpose.

Using regular scotch tape, I taped them on the inside of the large window in the foyer. This is what it looks like from the outside:

Yeah, we have Halloween lights up. When else can I use purple, orange and green lights?
Here's a better picture:

You can even see that one bat is just taking a break from flying and hanging out.

I can't find the original craft online, but I found similar bat silhouette templates in the Bat Mobile Instructions and the Bat Candy Bag Instructions. This is a fun, festive and easy Halloween craft and decoration! If you have kids old enough to handle scissors, let them try this. Have fun!


hitenney said...

Those lights sound perfect for Mardi Gras!
Loved your bats in the belfry...

Anonymous said...

I love this. Easy and reuseable. I bet I could make it from cardboard and paint them- I have a ton of black paint in the basement. L