Monday, October 25, 2010

Martha Monday--Costume ready

Halloween is less than a week away. I'm currently doing battle with both my resident three-year-old over his costume, and my 8-month-old's costume.

First, BabyGirl's costume:

I bought this last November on clearance.  Little did I know that I would give birth to an Amazon, and there's no way my size 18-month baby is going to fit in a 6-9 month size bunting.  Hope prevails, though...I purchased stretchy red fabric to widen the sides and arms, and leg holes can easily be cut into the bottom.  MOM2 has graciously volunteered to help modify the costume, as my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired.
My Little Guy, in the meantime, alternates between wanting to be a lobster himself and being Spiderman/Batman.  The second request is odd, since we don't let him watch TV so he only hears about these characters through friends. I'm pushing him to be a chef, fisherman or rock star to go along with the lobster.
Honestly, I thought I would have a few more years of picking out his costume for him.  Who knew he'd develop such a mind of his own already?  Sheesh.
Martha has plenty of easy costume ideas for those who, like me, are going down to the wire this Halloween. For my costume, I might give this a try:

It's a "Raining Cats and Dogs" costume!  Isn't that too fun?  What a great idea.

For the TMI Household, I'm still hoping we can all dress in the same theme, so my fingers are crossed for the lobster/chef pairing with the Mom/Waitress. 

Oh, wait...that's not really a costume for me, is it?  Sigh.

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