Friday, October 22, 2010


Putting the bat silhouettes in the foyer window was so much fun that I didn't want to stop the silhouette action. Fortunately, I found this Martha Stewart Holidays craft at Michaels. It's a package of 12 large spider silhouettes made from cardstock with 4 yards of black yarn, red gemstones for the eyes and plenty of adhesive dots to tack everything up.

I put them all over the foyer. My only complaint about the kit is that it didn't have enough yarn for me. I would have liked to have more of them spinning webs. It may be hard to tell from the pictures, but these spiders are huge. There are several sizes/poses, and the smallest one is still as big as my hand. Spooky!

I made sure to put them by light switches and door locks to heighten the creep-out factor. See the big hairy spider in the middle of the balcony? He actually moves! He's activated by loud noises, and he'll drop 2.5 feet straight down and then reel himself back up. Fun!

Now, to get some unsuspecting family or friends in the front door...this should be fun!

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