Thursday, October 29, 2009

My favorite Halloween decorations

I have a ton of Halloween decorations. Unfortunately, this year I was only able to put about 10% on display.  I'm blaming a unique combination of birthday fatigue, pregnancy fatigue, flu/cold yuckiness and a severe lack of spare time for my inability to decorate the house the way it should be decorated. 

Excuses aside, I did get a few of my favorite pieces out in time for the holiday.

I put out this handy door mat as a prompt for the more nervous or shy trick-or-treaters. 

I made this wreath several years ago.  All the pieces are store-bought, but I put it together.  Isn't it fun?

I especially like the purple glitter spider.  Because nothing says 'Halloween' like a sparkly arachnid, you know?

This last piece is my absolute favorite Halloween decoration of all time.  My Big Martha bought it years ago.  She says it's a Halloween depiction of me.  MBM displayed it proudly for years, and when I got a house of my own, she passed it on to me. 

I put it on the mantel.  Besides being a beautiful decoration, this witch is also functional.  A tealight candle goes in the bottom, and a wax potpourri tart goes in the cauldron to fill the air with a great smell.  I always go with a fall scent (apples, cinnamon, etc.). 

Of course, I could always put some eye of newt and tongue of snail in the cauldron and get a true Halloween effect, but I don't think that's what My Big Martha had in mind when she bought this.  Eye of newt just isn't that functional in the TMI household.  Trick-or-treat!


teryn j. said...

Am I remembering correctly that you played a wicked witch in a high school musical? That would make the cool witch mantel piece that much more fitting. ;)

Jamie said...

Very cute! I love the door mat. I hope you feel normal again soon!