Monday, October 12, 2009

Martha Monday!

Fall is a bittersweet season. Sweet because it brings such great fun and treats (Halloween, pie, cozy evenings by the fire) and bitter because an Illinois winter is right around the corner (freezing cold, no daylight and the terrible fear that you will freeze to death every time you step outside to walk the dog). In these parts, it's best to enjoy fall while you can.

So have no fear, TMI fans...I am determined to make the most of this autumn season with good food, fun activities and delightful treats. To begin, I'm perusing Martha's Pear and Apple Dessert Gallery. This Apple Crisp has caught my eye.

Doesn't it look delicious? That is on the menu for tonight. Martha has a ton of fall harvest dessert recipes, which is exactly what I need right now, and not just because of the dropping leaves and temperatures...

Behold the 10+ pounds of apples and pears, courtesy of the Big Guy's Uncle D.

I see a lot of pies, breads, muffins and applesauce in my immediate future. But not in my long-term future, because it'll all be eaten in a few short weeks.

I can live with that. Happy Columbus Day!

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teryn j. said...

A. made apple crisp yesterday. Delish! Now, all I need is a bowl of chili and some pumpkin bread.