Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cake decorating by numbers

I meant to make some practice cakes before making the actual cake for the Little Guy's birthday. I really did. Summer just got away from me, you know?

Fortunately, the instructions for this 1983 cake pan largely resembled a paint by number kit. It even had instructions for how to make the perfect color of yellow for Big Bird's feathers--mix golden yellow and lemon yellow.

I am amazed, and thankful, that the gel colors for the icing haven't changed names or pigmentation since the directions were written in 1983. Thanks, Wilton!

The instructions were quite detailed: apply white frosting here.

Put yellow frosting here. And blue frosting here. It was a lot easier than I was expecting.

As you can see, the cake is coming together. I was doing so well, too, until I got to the eyes.
Oh, the eyes...

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Sally McCormick said...

The most important thing is that it sounds like you're enjoying what you're doing :)

Keep up the good work!