Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Good evening! I hope everyone is enjoying some spooky festivities and lots of treats.  Here are a few pictures from our Halloween....

The Little Guy is dressed as a doctor, as is the Big Guy.  The Big Guy's scrubs are the actual ones he was wearing when the Little Guy was born. 

Despite having practiced "Trick or treat" for a full week, the Little Guy still froze when it was time to deliver the phrase.  Fortunately, the neighbors were won over with his cuteness and overlooked this detail.  We only took him to a few houses--in our case, it was more about getting him used to the tradition, rather than collecting candy.  Besides, the Little Guy is only two...I have no intention of giving him any candy right now.

We encountered some super cute trick-or-treaters while we were out.  For the most part, the neighborhood kids had some great costumes.

And for you, my dear readers, I hope your treats far outnumbered any tricks this evening.  From the TMI house to yours, happy Halloween!

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