Monday, November 2, 2009

Martha Monday--Thanksgiving Central

Thanksgiving is only 25 days away, and people across the country are making plans for the holiday.  Some will host, some will travel, and nearly everyone will enjoy a fantastic meal and fall into the subsequent turkey coma.  

Thanksgiving is, I believe, the only holiday that centers around a meal.  Sure, there's that whole giving thanks and being grateful stuff, but let's face it:  most people are all about the turkey and the trimmings.  And I can't blame them.   

Sorry folks, just keeping it real here.  You know how much I love food.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, or bringing a dish to the festivities, Martha has you covered.  The good people at Martha Stewart have set up a Thanksgiving Central with recipes, ideas and planning tips to make this the best of all Thanksgivings.  Sign up for the special enewsletter and have Martha's menu ideas, recipes and instructions delivered to your inbox every week leading up to Thanksgiving. 

Last year, the TMI family enjoyed three Thanksgiving dinners spread out through the long weekend. We hosted one of them, and opened our home to 21 friends and family.  It was wonderful!  Two things I relied on for a great meal were Martha's instructions on brining a turkey and making a perfect pie crust

If you are hosting the Thanksgiving meal, or contributing to one, then I strongly recommend that you give Martha's Thanksgiving Central a try.  I know I will be relying on her divine guidance in the coming weeks.  And thanks to how delicious my turkey was last year, I will never not brine a Thanksgiving turkey again.

Only 25 days until Thanksgiving...I'm not sure I can wait that long!  All this turkey talk is making me hungry.

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