Monday, November 16, 2009

Martha Monday--Thanksgiving Menu Planning

Thanksgiving is only 10 days away! For those of us Marthas-in-training who are hosting people for the holiday dinner, now is the time to plan our meals and make the shopping list. 

If you need help planning the menu, Martha has done the work for you.   

We'll be hosting my family for the Big Meal, and I have my menu all planned out:

Roast turkey (brined the Martha way, of course)
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Sweet potatoes
Green bean casserole (it's just not Thanksgiving without this dish!)
Herbed carrots
Cranberry sauce (from a can, just the way I like it)
Rolls and butter

You'll notice I left out stuffing, soup and salad.  Stuffing just isn't very popular in the TMI household, and I don't want to waste valuable stomach space on soup and salad when there's a huge turkey and sides waiting to be devoured.  I can have soup and salad any old day...why bother with it on Thanksgiving?

And for dessert, we'll have pecan, pumpkin and Martha's apple pie

What's on your Thanksgiving menu? 


Anonymous said...

I'm making green bean casserole for both of our thanksgivings- it's the best! In my opinion, it must be made with canned, cut (not French cut-ew!) chock full of salt beans. Thanksgiving is no time to diet. However, we LOVE dressing at both T-days, and Tom's dad makes the most divine dressing. YUM! L

Anonymous said...

I had to say something about green bean casserole's probably my favorite part of the whole meal! In fact, my family and my in-laws always know thats what I'm bringing to Thanksgiving dinner :) It's always nice to find someone else who agrees! Good luck with your preparations!

Cook'n said...

This is great! i have been menu planning to help simplify my life and i really appreciate this help!