Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Thanksgiving decorations

Thanksgiving doesn't lend itself much to decorations, other than fancy centerpieces and placecards, but I don't let that deter me.  Take a look at my Thanksgiving decorations on the mantel, courtesy of family friend Diana.

First up is a lovely Pilgrim couple.  He's holding a turkey, and she's holding a cornucopia.  I want to make a short movie with them, but so far the dialogue just isn't working. I'll keep you posted.

Next up is a tom and hen (is that the appropriate terminology?) salt and pepper shaker set.  I have yet to actually use them for salt and pepper.  They're just too cute, so they stay on the mantel.

I love this Waterford turkey.  Whoever thought of crafting a turkey out of crystal is a genuis.  A true visionary.  Seriously, it's a crystal turkey!?!

Finally, I have this turquoise color glass set.  The large turkey is actually some kind of dish (maybe a candy dish?) and the smaller turkey looks like it could be a taper candle holder.  The blue color blows my mind.  Seriously, turquoise color turkeys?!?

Finally, this last piece of turkey-themed decoration comes from the Little Guy. 

It's not crystal, and it's not turquoise, but it's still a work of art to me. 

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