Monday, November 9, 2009

Martha Monday--Martha Stewart Center for Living

On her blog last Friday, Martha asked all of her readers/followers to donate one dollar to the Martha Stewart Center for Living.  The Martha Stewart Center for Living is located at Mount Sinai Hospital, and focuses on the care of older patients.  The Center is dedicated to Martha's mother, Big Martha. 

A fundraising gala for the Center is scheduled for tomorrow.  As the original driving force behind the Center, Martha remains involved and that is evident with the gala.  The event is being held at MSLO headquarters in New York City, and Martha is auctioning off several amazing experiences to raise money for the Center. 

Check out the online auction...

You can bid on a guest appearance for the Martha Stewart Show (value: $10,000).  How about a tour of Martha's gardens, led by Martha herself, followed by lunch with Martha?  There are several auction items involving Martha, and all of them would be a phenomenal experience.  You can also bid on consultations from your favorite departments at MSLO, including weddings, interior design, cooking and even a paid internship.  Wow!

The most popular item is the chance to have your next dinner party hosted by Martha Stewart...wouldn't that be amazing?  Sadly, I won't be bidding on any of these things.  Nearly all the items are too rich for my blood, and the ones that are within my reach (two seats at a "Cheese 101" class at Murray's Cheese valued at $100) are just too far away. 

But if you win the dinner party, please think of me when you're making your guest list. 

Thanks, and happy Monday to all my TMI readers!

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