Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall fun

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going to try to get out and enjoy fun fall activities as much as possible before cold weather drove me indoors.  Amazingly, between housework, exhaustion and mandatory events, I accomplished this goal.

Here's what I've been up to...

For my birthday, my family and I trooped out to Buckley Homestead in Lowell, Indiana to see a recreation of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  We had a great time!

At the Yorkville Labor Day Fest, I enjoyed my very first deep-fried Twinkie. YUM!

At the Aurora Fall Fest, we checked out a petting zoo (among other things) at Phillips Park. The Little Guy really enjoyed this.  I tried to sneak out a rabbit in my big green purse, but the Big Guy was on to me.  He has a strict "1 animal only" house rule.  Drats!

For the Little Guy's birthday, we took a bunch of family over to Blackberry Farm.  I had a blast on the carousel.  Okay, truthfully, as you can see by my facial expression, I was really dizzy and trying to make the best of it.  Those kids just don't get tired of going around and around, do they?  The Little Guy and his cousin must've ridden on the carousel a dozen times.  Crazy kids!

Most recently, the TMI household headed out to the Red Oak Nature Center for some hiking and cave exploration.  No dizziness involved here.

It was great to get that bunch of fall fun in before the weather got too cold.  These memories will help me make it through the cold months ahead.  Or at least until I can get my hands on another deep-fried Twinkie. 


Chicagolandia said...

Looks like everyone hada great time!

Lovemonger said...

Yup. And you know who you have to thank for that twinkie. You're welcome.

frugalsuz said...

Sounds like you really had fun! I think I would have tried to sneak that calf home too. :)