Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My laundry room

My laundry room has several things going for it:

1. It's on the second floor with all the bedrooms.

2. It's right next to the kids' rooms, so getting really messy and stinky clothes off the kid and into the washer is really easy.

3. It is an actual room.  I'm not sure of the measurements, but I'll take a stab at it and say 10x8.  That's 80 square feet of space dedicated to making dirty clothes and linens clean.  I know that I am extremely fortunate to have such a great space for something as mundane as laundry.

As with any space in any home, things can get messy and disorganized.  Take a look at the left side of the above picture.  See the boxes and bags?  My laundry room was turning into a storage room, and that made me really unhappy, especially since I place such value on running an organized and efficient home. 

We recently got a second-hand dresser for use in the laundry room, and while it was put there two weeks ago, I hadn't put anything in it.  That had to change.

Here's the dresser area after some organization.  Everything that was previously in a small rolling cart is now in the dresser, as are some bags I used for garbage liners.  A few cleaning supplies are in there as well. 

I went through the boxes and bags, and tossed everything that was old and unusable.  Many of the items in the laundry room really belonged in another part of the house, so they were removed.  Doesn't everything look so much neater?

Now the only fixtures in the laundry room are the ones that belong in there:  the washer, dryer, laundry tub, iron and board, vacuum and a dresser for storage. 

My future plans for the laundry room include a much brighter color on the walls and ceiling, a better light fixture, and switching the positions of the washer and dryer (right now the doors open toward each other instead of away).  But I'm much happier now that the clutter is gone and my laundry room is only being used for its intended purpose: laundry!

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