Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cleaning closet organization

This post is a blast from the past, but the organizational tips will last through the ages! Enjoy!

There's a linen closet in the hall that I use to store all of my cleaning supplies, light bulbs, air fresheners, etc. When I got done organizing my bathroom, it seemed only right to organize this closet next.

Before pictures:

And after:

All I really did was to organize supplies--one bin holds everyday cleaning supplies, and the other two hold extra supplies--in plastic storage totes. An easy enough task, but now I can easily see where everything is, and what I might need more of. And truthfully, I don't need any more cleaning supplies (8 cans of Pledge/Endust is more than enough for me). Why do I have so many cleaning supplies?

Uh oh. I just occurred to me, maybe it's because I don't scrub my house that often? Should I clean more?

No, that can't be it. But I'll tackle that issue another day. A day far in the future. A day when I've grown tired of lounging on my couch eating bon-bons. In the meantime, I'll just stick to organizing.


Lovemonger said...

Again with the bon-bons!

Grace @ said...

You are SOOO crazy organized! You totally motivated me now! haha.

Yeah, Walgreens is probably suffering from all of their customers loading up on free stuff & having CVS as their main competitor.

Did you know all (I think) CVS stores are taking competitor's coupons!? Only some used to accept them but I heard all of them are making the transition.

If Walgreens & Rite Aid don't step up, I don't think they'll last. Long's Drugs was already bought out by CVS!

I will definitely keep you guys updated! =)