Monday, January 24, 2011

Martha Monday--Scrapbooking

One source of angst for me in the organization department is getting a handle on all the scrapbooks and photo albums.  I have a lot of materials necessary to do the projects, but I never seem to have the time to get it done.  NO MORE!  With my Little Guy already three years old and BabyGirl turning one next month, I want to get started on their scrapbooks.  Like RIGHT NOW!

Fortunately, Martha has ideas for getting great memories and mementos properly preserved for future generations.  To get my scrapbooks started, I'm really liking two of Martha's scrapbooking suggestions.  First, there's the "Book of Baby Firsts."

Second, there's the suggestion to pick a theme:

I'm going to let those two ideas guide me as I start on my kids' scrapbooks.  Mostly, I hope to keep it simple.  Now that I'm making time to get the scrapbooks started, I don't want them to turn into Projects That Never Finish. 

Do you scrapbook?  What's your method?  Let me know!

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