Friday, January 7, 2011

More kitchen fixes

Some cabinets and drawers in my kitchen are just perfect the way they are--I wouldn't change a thing in there. 

For example, I'm in these cabinets and drawer every day, and the organization and tool placement works just fine for me:

The cabinet that holds my mixing bowls and baking supplies was not as neat and clean, however.  In fact, two specific things about it were driving me nuts.  Take a look:

Do you see the problems?  My Silpat mats (second shelf up behind the Pyrex mixing bowl) were constantly unrolling and getting all over the place.  The top two shelves were also a mess. 

I solved the Silpat problem by securing them with plastic cuffs meant for gift wrap rolls.  Worked like a charm!

And since I bake pies and cakes a lot more often than bread, I moved the cake pans within arms reach on the third shelf and moved the bread pans up to the top shelf.  Doesn't that look so much neater?  It certainly is a lot more practical.

It's important to me that my kitchen is organized and neat. Obviously, it makes navigating the space to prepare meals much easier.  But more than that, I find that a neat kitchen does wonders for my mood.  If I can manage clutter in my kitchen to make it a fun and efficient place, then surely I can do the same for the rest of my house.  A clean, organized kitchen gives me hope!   Onward to the rest of the TMI house!

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