Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's in the bag

Last night, I organized the final purse. 

It had to happen.  Ms. Orange was bursting at the seams with receipts, old cough drops and junk I just don't need to carry around on a daily basis.

I started by dumping everything out.

Even my key chain was cluttered...look at this:

I slimmed that down by taking out three of the reward tags and both of the charms.  It's still bulky, but at least I use everything that remains:

Here's all the stuff that made the cut to go back into my purse:

Wallet, hand lotion, gift cards, business card holder, checkbook, pens, cell phone, reward/shopping cards and a small photo album.  The album may seem outdated, but since I don't have a fancy iPhone or phone that can hold a lot of pictures the album is a must.  I whip it out to show off pictures of my kids every chance I get!

Here's what did not make the cut:

The diaper rash ointment samples and pens go somewhere else.  The pile on the right IS ALL GARBAGE.  Isn't that amazing?  For weeks I've been hauling around and digging through mail, receipts, expired IDs and credit cards, and a whole lot of I-have-no-idea-what-this-is-or-why-I'm-carrying-it.  That pile had to go. 

I also found five fortunes hidden throughout my wallet. They must have been collected over the past year or so, because I hardly ever get to eat Chinese food.

You will soon receive an unusual proposition.

A new work opportunity will avail itself.

All decision (sp) you make today will be most fortunate.

You will make a name for yourself.

You are the master of every situation. 

Wow!  Those are some really good fortunes...but they had to go.  What can I say? I was mastering the situation.  It was a fortunate decision to get rid of them.  Heh.

Doesn't Ms. Orange look a lot trimmer?  I think so.

Is your purse giving you problems?  Take a few minutes to clean it out--the results are worth it!

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