Thursday, January 27, 2011

Five minutes and one dollar

Granted, some organization projects are huge.  Cleaning and organizing a house, room or even a closet can take days, but not all organization projects have to take a long time or a lot of money to complete.  There are many, many projects you can do in five minutes.  If you are having trouble getting organized, then that's my recommended starting point for you:  find a small area that needs to be organized, set the timer for five minutes, and get to work.  You'll be amazed by what you can get done in that time, and that success will motivate you to accomplish more.

Take the top drawer of my nightstand, for example.  It was a mess:

Enter three baskets I bought at the Target Dollar Spot guessed it! dollar:

Side note: whoever came up with the Dollar Spot (or is it Stop?) at Target is a genius.  I hope that person is lounging on a beach somewhere enjoying the fruits of their million-dollar idea. Because I'm pretty sure that's how much money I've dropped on Dollar Spot/Stop items over the years.  Seriously. 

Not much in my nightstand drawer had to be thrown out, it just needed some serious categorization. The pens, note pads and headphones got their own bin.  The headphones don't really belong there, but for now, that's where they are staying.

It took two bins to capture my hand lotions and fancy lotion gloves/socks.  The funny thing is...prior to this organization smackdown, I had a hard time finding hand lotion.  And now I have too bins full of it.  Go figure!

Here's the finished drawer, completely organized with a budget of only one dollar:

I even have a bit of room to spare on the left side and in the back next to the spare jar candle. 

See how easy that was?  Five minutes is all it takes to organize a drawer, purse, shelf.  Break big projects down into five minute increments and tackle it a little bit at a time.  Step by step and bit by bit, you'll eventually have an organized closet, room, house.  You can do it!

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