Friday, July 30, 2010

Dirt pile

As you know, we have a sand pit in our backyard:

It's the leftover base of an above-ground swimming pool that the previous home owners took when they left.  My big plan for the summer was to remove the sand and underlying tarps/burlap, fill in the area with nice dirt and either sow seed or lay sod. 

But then it got hot out.  And I got lazy. 

Okay, fine. I got lazier.

When the crew dug up the yard for the fence posts, I had them put the dirt on a sheet of plastic in the sand pit, so we'd at least have the dirt there when we got around to removing the sand. 

Now, instead of having just a sand pit in my backyward, I now have a dirt pile on top of a sand pit.  That's classy!

And to my dismay, the soil is really, really rocky. There are some decent size boulders in that pile. Here's an example:

That's a size 8 foot in that picture for scale. Not sure whose foot that is, though...weird.

This new dirt pile, on top of the sand pit, has really added something to my backyard.
I'm not quite sure what it's added, but my guess would be a lot more work. 


Tom said...

Once it cools off (September/October) L and I will come up for a weekend. I'll help the Big Guy with the dirt/rock/sand, and you and L can spend some quality time together. I'm game!

Amanda said...

you and laura are the bomb diggity, and i heart you both bigtime. i fear that my laziness and love of margaritas will rub off on you, and instead of removing the pile, we'll simply buy a goat to live on it. because that's how we roll in aurora, you know? !