Friday, July 2, 2010

Queen of the hive

With my love for bees and honey, I've aimed for a bee-themed kitchen. For right now, that means that I have bee/hive decorations on my windowsill only, but I have plans for expansion.

Here's what I have:

The candle (far left) was a wedding shower gift, so I can't bring myself to light it up. The beehive votive holders from Crate and Barrel (far right) do see a lot of use, however. 

Please ignore my dirty kitchen window.  And the sand pit in the backyard. We'll be working on that this weekend.  That is all.

Here we have a lovely honey pot from Harry & David, which is part of a tea set that includes mugs and tea bag holders. This was a gift from my friend Shannon.

I keep a toothpick dispenser on the window sill.  This comes in handy when I'm baking cakes/brownies and need to test for doneness.  On the right is some sort of bee hive thing.  I don't know what it is exactly, but I found it at an antiques store and I really liked it. 
Actually, that's how a lot of things end up in my house: I don't know what an item is for, but I like it so I buy it.  I might have an acquisition problem.  Maybe.

Here's something I bought at a craft fair and I do know what it is:  my beehive ring holder (front).  I use it everyday and it's just darling.

Finally, this last decoration (another wedding shower gift) sums up my attitude about my kitchen and my home in general: 

It's good to be Queen. 

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Amanda said...

Beautiful collection!