Monday, July 19, 2010

Martha Monday--Martha Stewart Pets

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Petsmart have combined forces to create a new line of pet gear called Martha Stewart Pets.  The line includes bedding, leashes, toys, grooming tools, feeding accessories and more. 

And by more, I mean 'waste management'...just keeping it real, folks.

The dog bedding is really pretty.  For those who need a dedicated dog bed that's not the couch or the human bed, give these beds a look.  And if that dog bed is in plain sight in, say, a family room (as Barley's is) then something as stylish as these would add to your home decor, rather than detract from it.  Take a look:

These two are my favorites--either would fit in perfectly with my family room furniture/color scheme.  I wonder if they come in size extra-extra-large? 
Good things to know: the cover is removable and machine washable (a must for the TMI household) and the bone-shaped pillow is actually a squeaky toy.  Fun!

While the dog bedding is great, I'm not quite sure about the pet toys.  They are totally adorable...maybe too adorable! 

In fact, I think these squeaky toys look a lot like kids' toys, don't you?  Take a look at this hen house with chicks: 
How cute!  It would make a perfect toy for a child!  And Martha wants me to give this to my dog?  Just imagine the trouble that could kids and dog would be fighting over the same toys, even more than they already do. 

 Maybe I'll just put all the toys from the Martha Stewart Pets line in this storage bin, and let them duke it out.  Or perhaps a system could work better: Barley can have the toys on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the kids can have the toys on Tuesday and Thursday, and on the weekend...the toys are for me. 

Like I said, that chicken house is really cute.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Love. Even a really expensive dog bed still looks like a dog bed. I would opt to sew a dog bed that is TOTALLY WILD, in a manner that says 'I am a pet owner and my pet needs somewhere to sleep!' L